Listed below are all of the missions available in each Campaign Mode of the BattleTanx Series.

Mission Objective
Chapter 1 - "The Fall"
New York
Mission 1: Ground Zero Destroy 5 tanks.
Mission 2: The Tunnel Cross the tunnel.
Mission 3: Times Square Destroy 15 tanks.
Mission 4: Stranglehold Bridge Cross the bridge.
Bonus Mission 1 Destroy as Many Tanks as Possible.
Chapter 2 - "The Queenlord"
Mission 5: The Heartland Rescue 1 Queenlord.
Mission 6: Lake Shore Drive Rescue 1 Queenlord.
Mission 7: State St. Rescue 2 Queenlords.
Bonus Mission 2 Destroy as Many Tanks as Possible.
Chapter 3 - "Conquest"
Mission 8: Armageddon Highway Cross the highway.
Mission 9: Area 51 Rescue 3 Queenlords.
Mission 10: Fremont St. Rescue 3 Queenlords.
Bonus Mission 3 Destroy as Many Tanks as Possible.
Chapter 4 - "Kingdom Come"
San Francisco
Mission 11: The Crimson Gate Cross the bridge.
Mission 12: The Wharf Rescue 3 Queenlords.
Bonus Mission 4 Destroy as Many Tanks as Possible.
Mission 13: Q-Zone Rescue Madison.

Mission Objective
San Francisco
Mission 1: SF Airport Destroy all invading tanks.
Mission 2: SF Breakout Get to the Escape Ship.
Mission 3: Truck Stop Destroy all Tanks and Bunkers.
Mission 4: Texas Slave Fortress Rescue all prisoners.
Route 66
Mission 5: Drive In Destroy both projector buildings.
Washington D.C.
Mission 6: DC Mall Capture all data and escape.
Mission 7: White House Destroy all enemies.
Mission 8: Houses of Parliament Rescue all Iron Maidens and escape.
Mission 9: Tower Bridge Get across the bridge.
Mission 10: Tower of London Destroy all Tanks and Boats.
Mission 11: Bistro Get all four scientists in your base.
Mission 12: Champs Elysees Destroy all tanks.
Mission 13: Eiffel Tower Destroy the Eiffel Tower reactor.
Mission 14: Brandenburg Gate Escort the convoy into Berlin.
Mission 15: Berlin War Zone Rescue all prisoners and escape.
Mission 16: Escape from Berlin Protect the convoy.
San Francisco
Secret Mission: Shore Patrol Destroy all Tanks and Boats.
Mission 17: Assault on SF Destroy all Tanks and Boats.
Mission 18: Alcatraz Find and destroy the Annihilator.

Mission Objective
Los Angeles
Mission 1: Trial by Fire Destroy 4 enemy scouts.
Mission 2: Rush Hour Collect the coins.
Mission 3: Right of Passage Defeat all enemy tanks.
San Francisco
Mission 4: Gates of Doom Cross the bridge.
Mission 5: Under Cover Locate the enemy mole.
Mission 6: Queenlord Return the Queenlord to the Trolley Station.
Las Vegas
Mission 7: Death Valley Locate the Lost Highway.
Mission 8: Pit Boss Defeat the Goliath.
Mission 9: Fools Gold Collect all the coins.
New York
Mission 10: Apocalypse Recover all of the nukes.
Mission 11: Panic in the Park Defeat all enemy units.
Mission 12: Escape New York Reach the harbor exit.
Washington D.C.
Mission 13: Warpath Destroy all enemy units.
Mission 14: Stars and Stripes Destroy 4 Goliath tanks.
Mission 15: Love Conquers All Defeat all enemy units.

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