Sorted, roughly, in ascending order by armor thickness...


MotoTank - .50 Caliber Machineguns X2

Born of a motorcycle fork and customized tread work from a military half-track, the MotoTank trades armor for speed. Watch out for them near your QueenLords, as they are the abduction vehicle of choice among the inner-city Gangs. Pressing rail right/rail left makes the MotoTank execute a tight turn.

Rattler - 30mm Gatling Gun

The Rattler is one deadly snake. It mounts a vicious 30mm Gattling Gun. Almost as agile as the MotoTank, it can also execute a tight turn using the rail right/rail left buttons.

Inferno - Flamethrower

This flame thrower tank is deadly at close range. Watch out, or your goose is cooked! Pressing rail right/rail left will cause the Inferno to spew flames to the left and right of its directional path.

FLP-E - 105mm Cannon

Pronounced "Flippy", the name stands for "Full Lateral Propulsion - Experimental". By pushing rail right/rail left, you can effectively strafe with this tank.

Hovertank - 90mm Cannon

This unusual European light tank uses anti-grav technology. As a result, it is a challenge to maneuver. But in the hands of an expert, it is fast and agile. Pushing rail right/rail left, you can effectively strafe with this tank.

Marksman - Laser Cannon

This medium tank mounts a laser weapon as its main gun, and is great for long-range sniping.

Hornet - Unguided Missiles X2

Popular with the American Gangs, this low-tech variant mounts twin missile launchers on a standard tank body. Get it before it gets you! By pushing rail right/rail left, you can fire "hook shot" missiles.

M-2 Hydra - 75mm Cannons X2

The Hydra is a light French tank with 2 rapid firing guns. It's good for leveling buildings and hitting fast moving targets.

M1A1 Abrams - 120mm Cannon

The heavy tank of the US Army during the Apocalypse, the M1A1 Abrams is a fearsome machine. Although it is difficult for smaller Tribes to keep these maintained, larger Tribes have little to lose by fielding them.

Rhino - 120mm Cannon

This heavy tank-destroyer was cobbled together from a medium chassis and a trainload of armor. The designers mounted 6 inches of Chobham composite armor on the front of the vehicle, but didn't have any left over for the sides or rear! So it is almost invulnerable from the front, but easy to damage on the flanks. Pushing rail right/rail left allows views to the sides of the Rhino as you drive.

Goliath - 210mm Cannon

The super-heavy Goliath has the best armor and weapon. Mounted on a small rail platform, it can leave its railway bed at any time. Designed for base protection, its firepower is incredible. On rails, the Goliath tank has a significantly increased rate of fire, due to its extra stability. Its 210mm gun can knock the fight right out of an M1A1.

Annihilator- 210mm Cannon + .50Cal Gatling Gun Turrets X2 (Not Pictured)

With Cassandra's know-how, and a world full of spare parts, who knows what you might run into!?



M-80 Demotank - Demolition Bomb

A suicidal vehicle with small blast range. Weapon rack and hatch for other ordinance is available. Costs 5 tankbucks.

B-6 Bulldog - 155mm Mortar

Able to shoot past walls and explode on impact with other tanks or obstacles.

Shredder - 35mm Chaingun

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