CharlieCompanyLogo Charlie Company
General Information
Type Tribe
Color Camo Green
Territory Nevada
Appears in BattleTanx
Gameplay Information
Tanks M1A1 Abrams
MotoTank x2
Goliath x2
Weapons Laser
Allies Nuclear Knights
Mech Maniax
Enemies Griffin's Army

When the US Army fragmented, the surviving remnants formed Charlie Company: highly mechanized, highly disciplined, and highly likely to kill anybody they encounter deader than yesterdays road kill.

After Alpha and Bravo Companies fell, Charlie kept fighting. The hostiles closed in, numbering in the thousands, but Charlie Company turned 'em all to scrap.

Life's great in Charlie Company, sure the world's blown to shit, but you've got a pretty brunette driving and your navigator's rockin' some air guitar on the turret.


Charlie Company has a fair amount of control over its regions, playing on patriotism and hard rocking to pull them to the top. they ran into Griffin's Army, but lost to him in combat.


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