Listed below are the cheat codes available in the BattleTanx Series.

Code Effect
MSTSRVV Invicibility
PLVRZM All Weapons
LTSFBLLTS Infinite Ammunition
LVFRVR Infinite Lives
CRSTLCLR Invisibility
LTSLTSGNGS Unlocks all Gangs in Campaign Mode
WMNRSMRTR Unlocks the Storm Ravens
FRGZ Frog Mode
TDZ Replace the Queenlords with toads
CDPLT Story Mode
CNCTHRTM Psychadelic View
HVRL Spinning View
Code Level
FRHBMCTNTK Mission 2: The Tunnel
LHTSPMFRGS Mission 3: Times Square
NGLFFPTTFP Mission 4: Stranglehold Bridge
SHPPNRVWGB Bonus Mission 1
MRFFCRTKP Mission 5: The Heartland
LPGCVBBJCF Mission 6: Lake Shore Drive
GLWHJCRNLK Mission 7: State St.
KMKJTMHRNS Bonus Mission 2
FLWWFCWNRK Mission 8: Armageddon Highway
WSMBCPVRWS Mission 9: Area 51
CGJWVRGLNM Mission 10: Fremont St.
KVVLHFHWTB Bonus Mission 3
FCLPJRWTMP Mission 11: The Crimson Gate
TMFNJMKJGF Mission 12: The Wharf
PPJLJHRCVV Bonus Mission 4
LNKNSWKGTH Mission 13: Q-Zone

Code Effect
HPPYHPPY Invincibility
DPPCKTS Extra Tank Bucks
80DYS Level Select
WRDRB Unlocks the secret mission "Shore Patrol"
NNKNHCKS Unlocks Brandon's Gang
DRMWVR Unlocks Cassandra's Forces
TRDDYBRRKS Unlocks Custom Gangs
BRNCSSTS All flags show up as Teddy Bears
PRSSTNCFTM Scramble Models
DR1NKM3 Mini-Tanks (Team 1)
SHR1MP Mini-Tanks (Team 2)
T0MTHMB Mini-Tanks (Team 3)
M1N1M3 Mini-Tanks (Team 4)
PYGMY Mini-Tanks (Team 5)


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