BTDarkAngelsLogo GADarkAngelsLogo Dark Angels
General Information
Type Gang
Color Dark Gray / Tan
Territory San Francisco Former
Route 66
Appears in BattleTanx
BattleTanx: Global Assault
Gameplay Information
Tanks BattleTanx
MotoTank x2
M1A1 Abrams x2
Global Assault - N64
Rhino x2
M1A1 Abrams
Global Assault - PSX
M-80 Demotank
B-6 Bulldog
Weapons Cloaking
Allies Cassandra's Forces
Skull Riderz
After Shocks
Enemies Griffin's Army

The Dark Angels consider themselves children of God with permission to reshape the world in His name. Their mission is to rid what is left of the world of all sinners, in order to create a new utopia comprised of servants of their God.

They are part of the Dark Alliance. Amazing ain't it? And you thought only butterflies could metamorphize. From a quasi-Christian secret society back in 2001 to a deranged cult bent on world domination in 2006. Rumor has it, the Dark Angels may actually be the Illuminati, but who knows? It was just a rumor.


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