Armor 150
Ammo 50
Damage 25 Per Round
Fire Rate 1 Round Per Second
Appears in BattleTanx
BattleTanx (Gameboy Color)
BattleTanx: Global Assault
Griffin's Army
Brandon's Gang
Urban Decay
Psycho Brigade
Skull Riderz
Mech Maniax
Charlie Company
Nuclear Knights
After Shocks
Dark Angels
Storm Ravens
Iron Maidens
Crimson Guard
Cold Warriors

The Goliath is one of the available tanks in the BattleTanx Series. It has unmatched armor and firepower, which make up for it being the slowest and largest battle tank available.

All areas of the tank, especially its sloped and lengthy glacis, are thickly armored. Only the Rhino tank's forward section offers a competitive armor density. The Goliath's 210mm cannon, mother of all bores, sits slightly offset on a tall but compact turret toward the front of the tank. The gun's unusual height is necessary for peering over the vehicle's bulky hindquarters during turret rotation. The gunner sits high within the turret, left of the barrel, affording him (or her) an elevated perspective of the battlefield.

If the Goliath were any smaller or lighter, the recoil from its cannon would be uncontrollable. Due to the immense weight of each shell, reloading is slow and cumbersome, so it is possible for some tanks to evade Goliath fire. "Not being hit" is indeed the preferred technique for surviving a Goliath encounter. Only one 210mm shell is required to obliterate a MotoTank or Rattler.

To alleviate speed concerns, the Goliath may be fixed on rails, enabling it to glide laterally. The increased stability of rail-mounting Goliath also enables it to fire faster. Although borrowing railroad makes deployment much more economical than historic super-heavy tank concepts, the Goliath remains prohibitively expensive to most Gangs. Many can only afford one Goliath for defending their headquarters.

Only superior numbers or hit-and-run tactics can overcome the Goliath. When all else fails, Goliaths may ram smaller vehicles to inflict crippling damage (or even flatten them in the case of the MotoTank).

Because only sustained abuse is capable of destroying a Goliath, it is popular among Queenlords and powerful female gangs like the Iron Maidens who cannot afford to die in battle.



The Goliath was among the three tanks available in the first BattleTanx. It had the best armor and firepower, but it was also the slowest and carried the least ammunition. Except for Charlie Company & the Nuclear Knights, no other gangs had this tank in their inventory (except as a rail-bed defender).

Every so often, in single-player mode, the player would enter a bonus level where he/she controlled a rail-mounted Goliath and was expected to survive as many waves of enemy tanks as possible.

BattleTanx: Global Assault

Like the MotoTank, the biggest changes to the Goliath were aesthetic. The cannon's offset was introduced and a smokestack was removed. The rate-of-fire boost for being rail-mounted was also increased.