MechManiaxLogo Mech Maniax
General Information
Type Tribe
Color Green
Territory Nevada
Appears in BattleTanx
Gameplay Information
Tanks M1A1 Abrams x2
MotoTank x2
Weapons Gun Buddies
Allies Charlie Company
Nuclear Knights
Enemies Griffin's Army

Combining conspiratorial paranoia, right-wing militia politics, and a whole "Mess-O-Weapons", the Mech Maniax are a mechanized army made up of survivalists and extremists that have proclaimed Armageddon as their national holiday.

They have an affinity for Machinery.

And they're happy. Really happy; just check out the guy on the far left. The day they've all been waiting for has come: the fall of the government, and those soft city dwellers.

Those metal bits you see on them are permanent. Yup they've been surgically inserted. But I wouldn't recommend the procedure as no Mech Maniac is a certified physician, let alone a plastic surgeon.


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