BattleTanx: Global Assault
Mission 1: SF Airport
Destroy all invading tanks.
Mission Type Destruction
Level Map SFO
Enemy Gangs Dark Angels
Available Tanks M1A1 Abrams
Campaign Chronology
NextSF Breakout
Unknown enemy forces have invaded San Francisco Airport. You and three of your allied tanks must stop them.

The San Fransisco Airport is the stage of the first mission in the BattleTanx: Global Assault campaign. Five years after the events of the previous game, Griffin and Madison must defend their city against an unknown force.



"Five years ago, a plague killed 99.9% of all women. The world tore itself apart fighting over the few survivors. Eventually nukes were used, and the Apocalypse was upon us."

"My name is Griffin Spade, Battlelord. Maybe you've heard of me. After the Apocalypse, I led an army across the U.S. to rescue my wife, Madison. Now Madison and I rule the city of San Francisco. We have a baby boy, and we've tried to build a better society amidst the ruins. But lately, I've been seeing an evil face in my dreams. I believe we're going to have to fight again."

San Francisco, California U.S.A.
January 13, 2006

"Get ready to attack, warriors - but wait for my signal. I want to take one last look at the target."

"Yes, this is the child I've been searching for! Both the mother and the father have the Edge. They must die, before they learn to use their powers. And their child will be mine! All units, attack! Begin your assault at the airport. Kill everyone in the city except for the little boy I've told you about."



Being the first of the campaign, this mission is very straightforward - Destroy all the enemies on the map. You only have access to an M1A1 Abrams tank, but it will be more than enough to take care of the opposition (you can even let your CPU teammates do your work for you). As if the mission wasn't easy enough, you also start off right in front of a Radar powerup.

Once the last enemy has been destroyed, you will be victorious.


  • Even though you're supposedly fighting against Cassandra's Forces, the enemies on this mission are the Dark Angels.

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