BattleTanx: Global Assault
Mission 3: Truck Stop
Destroy all Tanks and Bunkers.
Mission Type Destruction
Level Map Truck Stop
Enemy Gangs Skull Riderz
Available Tanks M1A1 Abrams
Campaign Chronology
PreviousSF Breakout
NextTexas Slave Fortress
You must raid a camp guarded by the Skull Riderz gang. Be sure to destroy the tank emitting bunkers.

The Truck Stop is the stage of the third mission in the BattleTanx: Global Assault campaign. Griffin and Madison have been driven out of their home by their own people, oblivious as to why. As they proceed east, the two come across a Skull Riderz camp.



"We made the right choice to leave, Madison. It was the only way to avoid fighting our own people! But how did that Queenlord hypnotize our warriors?"

"I don't understand it, but somehow, I could feel her take over their minds. We have to stop her somehow!"



To be Added

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