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BattleTanx: Global Assault
Mission 7: White House
Destroy all enemies
Mission Type Destruction
Level Map White House
Enemy Gangs Shadow Ops
Available Tanks M1A1 Abrams
Campaign Chronology
PreviousDC Mall
NextHouses of Parliament
You must deal with Cassandra's bodyguard of Shadow Ops, and destroy her mighty Annihilator class Goliath tank.

The White House is the stage of the seventh mission in the BattleTanx: Global Assault campaign. Cassandra has once again used the power of The Edge to her advantage, possessing Brandon extracting him from the fallout shelter. Griffin and Madison realize they too will need its power in order to defeat the Queenlord and save their son. They must now go up against Cassandra's Shadow Ops bodyguard at the White House.



"Brandon - can you feel the Edge within your mind? Good - now break open the door and come to me, child. Yes, you've done it!"

"Cassandra's taken our son - she must have used the Edge!"

"Take my hand, Griffin. We need to use the Edge ourselves, or we'll never defeat Cassandra. Help me find the power we need to win!"



To be Added

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