NuclearKnightsLogo Nuclear Knights
General Information
Type Tribe
Color Desert Brown
Territory Nevada
Appears in BattleTanx
Gameplay Information
Tanks Goliath x5
Weapons Nuke
Allies Charlie Company
Mech Maniax
Enemies Griffin's Army

The Nuclear Knights were once a secret government experiment that went wrong. After the Apocalypse, these "Super Soldiers" escaped from their lockdown cells and armed themselves with the latest in secret weapon technology.

Super Soldiers from the bio-modification section of the Area 51 Research Labs. Unfortunately, the recent catastrophe has prevented the government from ever deploying the soldiers. They hunger for battle.

When those volunteers signed up for the Super Soldier program, they were expecting to be in service within 9 months, but the government's gone so yeah, they're pretty angry. How would you feel if you were stuck in a liquid filled glass tube, with needles in you for 3 months?


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