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Griffin's destiny is before him: the city of San Francisco is within sight...

San Francisco is one of the primary locations in the BattleTanx Series. Initially arriving there to rescue his wife, Griffin and his family have made this city their home and main base of operations. It has been the stage for several battles during the course of the series.

Associated Gangs: Griffin's Army, Madison's Militia, Brandon's Gang, After Shocks, Skull Riderz



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Associated Missions

BattleTanx: Global Assault

Five years later, San Francisco has become the home base for Griffin, Madison, and their son Brandon. After defending their city against Cassandra's Forces, they find that their own people have unwillingly turned against them via The Edge. They are forced to flee the city in order to deal with the Queenlord and to save their son. Eventually, Griffin and Madison return with Brandon to San Francisco, only to find it swarming with the Storm Ravens gang. They manage to fend off their large army and defeat Cassandra on Alcatraz island. Victorious once again, the family holds a celebration in the city, hopeful of the future ahead of them.

Associated Missions

BattleTanx (Gameboy Color)

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Associated Missions


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